The Bone Biology and Mechanics Lab actively collaborates with researchers on campus in Indianapolis and at other institutions around the country. Our primary collaborators include:

IU School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology, and Physiology:
  • Matt Allen
  • Lilian Plotkin
  • Joe Bidwell

  • IU School of Medicine, Division of Nephrology: Sharon Moe

    IU School of Dentistry: Angela Bruzzaniti

    Purdue University College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering: Thomas Siegmund

    Purdue University College of Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering: John Howarter

    Purdue University College of Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy: Laura Pyrak-Nolte

    Rush University, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology: Ryan Ross

    University of Southern Denmark, Department of Clincal Research: Thomas Andersen

    Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Medicine: Julia Charles

    Columbia University Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology: Thomas Nickolas

    IUPUI School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy: William Thompson

    Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry: David Williams

    IUPUI School of Science, Department of Biology:
  • Randall Roper
  • Jiliang Li

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